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The Philosophy of Supplication
Part 2

Dr. Ali Shariati


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سايت فارسى

Thou, Lord! you who have given generosity to the sons of Adam, You who placed Your trust upon the shoulders of the children of Adam, You who selected all of your prophets to teach the Book and establish justice, You who say that greatness belongs to You, ...we are Your people.

We have faith in You and the message of Your prophets. We ask for freedom, awareness, justice and greatness. Grant us these as we are greatly in need of them. More so that at any other time we are sacrificed by slavery, ignorance and weakness.

Oh, God, destroy those who claim power on this land, those who deny your signs, those who kill your prophets , those who kill the people fighting for the freedom of the masses, and those who kill the people who invite others to justice and equity.

Oh God of K'aba! Do not allow these people who pray morning and night, oriented towards your house, who circumambulate around the home of Your Abraham, to be the sacrifices of ignorance and blasphemy and to be put in bondage by the oppressions of the oppressors of the times like Nimroud.

And you, Oh Mohammad , the prophet of awareness, freedom and power! A fire has started in your house and is spreading. A destructive flood is coming from the West upon your land. Your family has for many centuries remained asleep in the black bed of abjectness. Awaken them! As God has said, "Arise and remind them."

And you, Oh Ali. You who are entitled "Lion of God", "Man of God and the people", "Lord of Love and of the Word", we have lost our worthiness to know you. They have removed 'knowing you' from our minds but our love for you continues to exist. It has caught on fire in the depth of our conscience and the membranes of our heart. How can you leave your lovers in abasement? You who could not bear the slightest oppression towards a Jewish woman who was living under an Islamic government, now look at the Muslims who are living under Jewish oppression.

And you, Oh Zaynab, daughter of Ali, you who have Ali's tongue, speak with your community. Oh, woman whose courage has taught courage to your people, mention your name in the hearts and souls of the women of our nation who desperately need you to put the fire of love and pain in their souls. They need you more than ever. On the one hand, ignorance has placed them in slavery and abasement . On the other hand, the west pulls them towards a hidden enslavement. help them to revolt against their new and old foolish ways, save them from being tools of the traditions and new amusement.

Oh Husain! What can I say to you?

"..in such a dark night...in the middle of an ocean erupting with waves and terrible whirlpool..."

You selected RED DEATH in order to release your lovers from the BLACK DEATH. Still with every drop of your blood, you give life to a nation, make the heart of history beat, give heat to the depressed crops of each age, give the excitement of life as well as hope and love.

Our faith, our nation, our history, our future and the integrity of our present...
all are in need of you and your blood!

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