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سايت فارسى

The list below is a selection of most famous speeches by Dr. Ali Shariati with special thanks to Dr. Minachi at Ershad. Needless to say that all speeches are in Farsi.

A Glance at Tomorrowís History

Method in Study and Understanding of Islam

Ali, a Reflection of myths

The Islamic Community and the place of Leadership

Civilization and Pseudo-Modernization

Ali by Himself and Alone

Victory after Defeat

Impact of Aliís Life Beyond his Mortal Death

Ali, a Fullfilled Human

Migration and Civilization


The Responsibility of the Intellectuals in Todayís Society

History and its Place in Islam

Fatemeh, is Fatemeh

Messianic Awaiting, the Doctrine of Protest

Alavid Shiaism and Safavid Shiaism

Responsibilities and Commitments of Being a Shia

What Need is there for Ali?

Yah, Brother, Thatís the Way it was!

Ali, Committed to a United Front

Father, Mother, We are Responsible


Hossein, Adamís Heir

After Martyrdom

Expectations from a Muslim Woman

Ali Followers and their sufferings

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