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سايت فارسى

Please help us in updating and expanding this gallery. If you know or own a picture of Dr. Shariati that we don't have in this collection, send us the scanned photo and we acknowledge and appreciate your assistant

Shariati was borned on Tuesday, 24th of October in 1933 in a small village call Kahak near Mazinan

Shariati's Family House and place of Birth, Kahak

On the Sign: Welcome to Dr. Shariati's Hometown
Dr. Shariati's Mother - Late Mrs. Zahra Shariati

Mohammad Taghi Shariati - Dr. Shariati's father and teacher in 1939

Ali Shariati in Mashahd 1941

Shariati in youth years
Shariati with friends in northern part of Iran
From right to left: Arabzadeh, Farmand, Taher Ahmadzadeh, Ezatollah Sahabi and Ali Shariati
Arabzadeh, Farmand, Sahabi and Shariati in Toos Mashhad
Ali Shariati in 1950
Ali Shariati with friends in 1958
Dr. Shariati, Mashhad in 1955
Dr. Shariati with friends by Kooh-Sangi Pool in Mashhad
Shariati by his classmates in college
Shariati with his friends in Mashhad, 1952
Shariati by his classmates in college
Ali Shariati in youth years
Seyed Ali Akbar Shariat-Razavi and Ali Asghar Shariat-Razavi, Dr. Shariati's father and brother in-law
Mehdi Shariat-Razavi Dr. Shariati's brother in law who was killed on 16 Azar 1332 when military opened fire on students at Tehran University
Shariati in Bandar-Anzali
Mohammad Taghi Shariati - Dr. Shariati's father who was one of his first teachers who shaped his thoughts and ideas
Dr. Shariati in Paris with friends in 1961
Shariati in his wedding day
Graduation day in Mashahd University in 1958
Dr. Shariati
Dr. Shariati March of 1959
Ali Shariati
Shariati in his wedding day
Shariati with his younger sister on his wedding day
Shariati on his engagement ceremony
Shariati on his engagement ceremony
Shariati on his wedding night
Shariati with his first child ehsan in Amsterdam
Shariati with his daughter Sara
Shariati on his daughter's birthday
Dr. Barat-Ali and Shariati in Paris
Ostad Mohammad Taghi Shariati
Shariati in Mashhad University in 1967
Shariati in Mashhad University
Dr. Shariat Razavi, Dr. Shariati, Ehsan, Sara, Susan in 1965
Dr. Shariati with friends in Paris
Shariati in Mashhad
Dr. Shariati with friends in Paris
Dr. Shariati in Department of Literature of Mashhad University

Ostad Mohammad Taghi Shariat later years

Dr. Shariati in Paris
Dr. Shariati with his daughter Susan
Dr. Shariati in Auditorium of University of Bazargani
Dr. Shariati with his students in Department of History inUniversity of Mashhad
The most commom portray picture of Ali Shariati
Dr. Shariati next to Mr. Minachi before delivering a lecture in Ershad in 1970
Dr. Shariati during speech in Ershad 1970
MSA of Tehran University: Ayatollah Taleghani, Mottahari, Mehdi Bazargan and Ali Shariati
Late Mehdi Bazargan, founder of Freedom Movement of Iran (FMI)
Mr. Mohammad Homayoun one of major founder and contributor of Ershad
Ostad Mohammad Taghi Shariati, Mottahari and Ali Shariati by the entrance of Ershad
Dr. Ali Shariati 1976
Shariati with his last child - Mona - on the day he was freed after 18 months of prison
Ali Shariati
Shariati in Ershad in 1971 after the lecture "Fatemeh is Fatemeh"
In 1973, Savak raid Dr. Shariati home in Mashhad and confiscated his belongings
Shariati in Mashhad
Shariati in Hajj in 1969
Shariati and Mottahari at Shajareh's Mosque
Shariati in mighat
Dr. Shariati
Dr. Zomoroddian, Dr. Sahami and Dr. Shariati with history students in Mashhad University
Shariati in Europe
Dr. Sashaddin, translator of Visage of Mohammad - one of Dr. Shariati's students in Department of Literature in Mashhad University
Dr. Shariati
Ali Shariati with one of his history students
Shariati during an interview
Dr. Shariati with Iraj Sagheeri who played Abu-Dahr role in a play by the same name in Ershad
Dr. Shariati
Dr. Shariati
December 14th, 1971 a conference was called by Ershad for Dr. Shariati to defend himself from accusations made against him by his spitful enemies.
A teacher need to show two lessons: To See and to Walk toward it and that's all!
Dr. Shariati with Ehsan in front yard of his home - March 20th 1975
Shariati during his trial in ershad acknowledging that he is a Shieh Muslim and believes in Allah, Mohammad, Ali and all impeccable descendants
Dr. Shariati in Egypt by Luxor in 1971
Dr. Shariati
Dr. Shariati next to his cousin - Mr. Mansouri
Dr. Shariati
Dr. Shariati on his release date in 1975
Dr. Shariati always ready hands on weapon (his pen)!
Dr. Shariati
Dr. Shariati 18 months of solitary prison started on September 22nd 1973
Dr. Shariati had to turn himself in when his father and brother in-law were captured by Savak in July of 1973
Dr. Shariati at his very first imprisonment in 1957
Dr. Shariati with his mother in-law
Dr. Shariati at the entrance of his home
Dr. Shaiati in a family gathering
Dr. Shariati portray picture taken for his last departure from Iran to Europe.
Dr. Shariati left Tehran toward Belgium on May 16th, 1977 and from there he went to UK. His two older daughters were able to leave Iran and joined him in England but Savak prevented his wife and youngest daughter to leave Tehran and held them as hostages.
Ali Shariati
On Sunday 19th of June, 1977 Dr. Shariati was found death at the doorway of his room in the house he was residing in UK.
Dr. Shariati's coffin laied next to Zaynab's shrine
Dr. Shariati's funeral prosession at Zaynabiyeh
Dr. Shariati's funeral
Dr. Shariati's grave in Zaynabiyeh
Dr. Shariati's family by his grave
Dr. Shariati's ceremony
A recent picture of Shariati's grave in 1996
Dr. Shariati's desk in his room
Dr. Shariati's father attending one of his son's Book Exhibitions
Dr. Shariati's library in his room
No Explaination!
Azadi Square - January 27th 1979 - days prior to revolution victory in Iran
A demonstration in Tehran with Dr. Shariati's banners in hand
May 16th, 1979 Pooran Shariat Razavi - Dr. Shariati's spouse - delivered a lecture in commemoration of Dr. Shariati
Anti-Shah demonstration in 1978
Ehsan Shariati delivering a lecture on his father's ceremony in May 16th, 1979.
The name of one of the longest streets in Tehran (Cyrus the Great) was changed to Dr. Ali Shariati
A sentence written on his grave's wall: The flower is beautiful for a day ; But you are very beautiful ; for always and for all.
A ceremony in commemoration of Dr. Shariati in Ershad from right to left: Mohammad Taghi Shariati, Dr. Minachi, Ayatollah Khameniee, Dr. Kazem Sami, and Dr. Sadr Hajj Seyed Javadi
A line of students by a book store selling Dr. Shariati's books
Picture of Dr. Shariati in the center of Iran's map designed by carnations.
26th Anniversary of Dr. Shariati in California

Pictures below belong to Dr. Shariati Museum established in 2006 under supervision of City of Tehran.
Special Thanks to A. E. who furnished us with these pictures.

The Statue of Dr. Shariati at the enterance of the museum in 7 Nader Alley in North Jamal-zadeh in Tehran
Front yard of the museum (house)
Some of Dr. Shariati's personal clothing
Living Room at the first floor
Some of Dr.'s degrees and documents posted at the museum wall in the first floor
Dining room next to living room at the first floor
Books, pictures and documents section of the museum
Personal radio
Chessman built by Dr. Shariati during his solitaire captivity in 1973 with bread dough and anti reflux pills.
Personal Belongings
Dr. Shariati with friends at Hajj
Personal Camcorder
Books, pictures and documents section of the museum
Books, pictures and documents section of the museum
Dr.'s Chair and phone
Personal notes and pictures from Dr. Shariati's teachers like Louis Massignon, Frantz Fanon and Jean Paul Sartre
Dr. Shariati's pictures from every chapter of his life: from childhood to immigration to Europe
Front yard view from the balcony
Dr. Shariati's car with Mashhad license plate



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