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Dr. Ali Shariati


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سايت فارسى
The list below is only a portion of his books and lectures' transcription in English. A few titles are the full version and the rest are only highlights and excerpts of his books. To expedite the loading time and simplify it for readers, titles have been divided into few parts.

Hajj - Pilgrimage

Where Shall we Begin?


Fatemeh is Fatemeh

A Message to the Enlightened Thinkers




Expectations from the Muslim Woman

A Visage of Prophet Mohammad

Mission of a Free Thinker

A Glance at Tomorrows' History

An Approach to Understanding of Islam

Reflections of a Concerned Muslim on the Plight of Oppressed People

The Philosophy of Supplication

The Free Man and Freedom of the Man

Extraction and Refinement of Cultural Resources

Reflections of Humanity

Mohammad Iqbal

Selection or Election


Red Shieism vs. Black Shieism

Jihad and Martyrdom

One, Followed with Indefinite Zeros

Art Awaiting the Savior

Martyrdom, Arise and Bear Witness

Norouz; Declaration of Iranians' Livelihood, Eternity



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